Effortless Spring Style: Inverted Triangle Body Shape

effortless style updates for inverted triangle body shape

The feedback we’re receiving for these effortless spring style advice posts is absolutely wonderful! 

People are saying they’re learning something new from each one (even when it isn’t their personal shape).

… And others are patiently waiting for the week their shape is posted.

It is such a pleasure to receive this positive feedback, thank-you.

Effortless Spring Style Boosts: Circle Body Shape

effortless spring style updates - circle body shape

After working with Margaret last summer, she found the “rules” for her body shape so helpful for her own sense of style, she now lives by them.  

She asked for stylish suggestions that would suit her shape this season and we wanted everyone to benefit!

We hope you find these suggestions as helpful as Margaret does.

Effortless Spring Style Boosts: Rectangle Body Shape

effortless spring style suggestions - rectangle body shape

From my experience, the easiest pieces to wear are the ones that suit your body shape best.  

Even if you’re not able to articulate it, I promise this is true.

So when you
’re adding new pieces to your wardrobe each season, you can make your life so much easier by adding current pieces that also suit your shape well.

Effortless Spring Style Boosts: Triangle Body Shape

effortless spring updates - triangle body shape

It’s no secret, I’m not into trends.

What I am into is keeping your wardrobe current… feeling alive.

I want every woman in the world to feel a kind of electricity every time she opens her closet doors.

One of the ways you can create this electricity is by being conscious about only adding right-for-you pieces to your wardrobe each season. …

Closet Inventory. What are you missing?

Closet inventory

Around this time last year, I went to Jen’s house to give her closet a little love.  

Jen was perplexed.
  Even though she had a closet full of beautiful clothes, she couldn’t seem to get herself dressed in the morning.  The constant struggle was making her feel anxious.

She was missing something.

When we dug in together and started organizing her closet I was looking for specific signs of why getting ready each morning might be difficult, when

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