You want to leave the house knowing you look great, but with your schedule you just don’t have time to get yourself as perfectly put-together as you’d like. You wish shopping weren’t such a nightmare. Everything at the mall looks the same, or nothing quite fits. By some great irony, there’s not enough choice and too much choice all at the same time. Should I wear a skinny belt with this sweater, a wide one, or no belt at all? Do these jeans really suit me or is the sales clerk just trying to up her commission? You wish someone could help you find interesting pieces you’ll love and show you how to put together a wardrobe that suits your body and your personality (and your budget!). You want help falling in love with your closet again. And to be one of those women with a signature look.


We may get along stylishly if...


You would love to look at an organized closet filled with clothes you love, and be able to easily pick out fabulous outfits that feel great to wear.

For once you would like to go shopping and arrive home with pieces you actually like, which also stay within your personal budget.

You’re ready to receive daily compliments on how good you look.


I'd love to help you with:

online personal shopping (from anywhere in the world)

teaching you to style yourself

gifts for your favourite women


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