That woman with effortless style. She can be you.

You want to leave the house knowing you look great, but with your schedule you just don’t have time to get yourself as perfectly put-together as you’d like. You wish someone could help you find interesting pieces you’ll love and show you how to put together a wardrobe that suits your body and your personality (and your budget!). You want help falling in love with your closet again. You want to be one of those women with a signature look.



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A head-to-toe wardrobe capsule. So informative, covers it all!

By January, I had been eyeing the book The life-changing magic of tidying up, by Marie Kondo for some time, so finally I picked it up. I absolutely loved this book and it sent me on a household purging mission that is ongoing. She recommends holding every item you own and while holding it asking yourself if…

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